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Leadership and multidisciplinary design at work.

“Jacqueline is a smart, steady influence on any project she touches.”

— Cory Crouch, Sr Product Designer at Adobe

Case studies

In-depth case studies of projects I’ve led.



A new design system and custom CMS tooling help AAA streamline the UX and increase memberships by 25%

AAA had nine distinct regional websites and an app with inconsistent and outdated UI. It was challenging for the AAA team to manage content and maintain UX consistency across these channels. I led the effort to create a unifying UI design system and a customized CMS tooling that helped AAA create a seamless experience more efficiently. Within five months from launch, membership conversions increased by 25%, primarily attributed to my team’s work. 



Insights break down barriers to improving

The Lenovo marketing team believed a more premium experience of would result in happier customers and a healthier bottom line. However, making the necessary changes required support from the rest of the organization, and intuition alone was not enough to mobilize people. A data-rich experience map highlighting friction points in the buying journey helped executives get on board with transforming the website. 

Contact me for a password to this case study. 



A product redesign leads to a 360% adoption increase within ten months

A charitable foundation had the goal of encouraging more kids to read through their rewards program. Our task was to find ways to make the rewards program more motivating, improve the onboarding experience, and rebrand the accompanying app. After research, strategy, and design, my team and I upgraded the product reaching a 360% increase in adoption after ten months of its release. 



A new CMS and design system leads to a culture of collaboration

A charitable institution required a robust CMS and design system to more effectively manage two of its websites. My team and I focused on creating a system that would improve the UX for end-users and content authors. Once implemented, this system contributed to a significant cultural shift within the institution, leading to more collaboration across business units and efficiency in responding to relief efforts. 

Portfolio on Behance

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Evangelizing UX

The term “User Experience Design” has become ubiquitous but also ambiguous. As a multidisciplinary designer, I’ve had the perspective to educate project managers, visual designers, writers, and strategists on the broad spectrum UX covers, how it differs from neighboring disciplines, and specific best practices for our projects. Below are some examples of presentations I’ve given at Axis41 and Wunderman Thompson. 

Introduction to UX

Definition, value, differentiation, and process

From content strategy to design

How to get from content strategy to page design

Comms UX copywriting

Email and SMS copywriting best practices

Building mutual trust with clients

Minimizing friction to help clients arrive at the right solutions 

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