Hi, I’m Jacqueline Conrad

Experience designer and strategist

I’m an integrator of perspectives. I empower teams to create human-centered experiences by leveraging business, design, content, and engineering.

“Jacqueline’s an excellent leader; she has the gift of helping others see and reach their potential. Jacqueline improves everything she touches.”

— Austin Ragsdale, UX Research and Design at Axis41

History and experience

My 20-year background in the design field is a combination of content strategy, visual design, and user research. I have built and led multi-functional teams, served as a UX evangelist, and extended capabilities as an individual contributor. 


years in the design field

years leading teams


Personal interests

I enjoy discovering patterns around me. When I’m bored, this happens:

I also like to eat Venezuelan food with my family and going to dance performances with my husband. 

Get in touch

I’m open to connections, collaborations, or mentorships.

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